BioLite Headlamp

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  • The BioLite Headlamp is a functional light which can be used during running. The headlamp is light of weight and prevents bouncing when running. The material wicks moisture effectively and prevents transpiration from getting into the eyes. The dimmable headlamp has an output of 330 lumens and six different lighting modes. The headlamp has a battery life of 40 hours when used in the average modes. When using the brightest mode the battery will last for 3.5 hours. The headlamp is easily rechargeable with the included Micro USB cable. The Lock mode prevents the headlamp from switching on when in your pocket or bag.


    • Weight: 69 grams
    • Wicks moisture effectively
    • Prevents bouncing
    • Dimmable, six different modes
    • Battery life: 40 hours (3.5 hours with intensive use)
    • Output: 330 lumens
    • Rechargeable Micro USB
  • Article number:HPA1002
    Article group:Lights