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Salomon - Revolutionary Technologies for Specialised Sporting Activities

Salomon is a brand that has been part of the Amer Sports Group since 2005. Other members of this group are sister brands Arc‘teryx, Atomic, Wilson and Suunto. Salomon is the undisputed number one brand for trail running. The brand was founded in 1947 by Francois Salomon, his wife Jeanne and his son Georges in Annecy, near the Montblanc massif, where their current headquarters is still situated. The focus of the brand lies in combining technical progress with functional designs.


The Outdoor Brand - Right From the Start

In their early years, Salomon developed into a leading producer for alpine winter sports gear. Especially their ski-edges were a big success, also far beyond the French borders. Salomon trail running shoes were a logical next step. Since 1998, Salomon has been providing gear for everyone who travels off the beaten track. When the trail running movement grew, the company supported this market right from the beginning. Their innovative Salomon trail running shoes quickly became one of the most popular shoes amongst trail runners. So there is no question about it, we at 21RUN are proud to be able to offer you the best and latest Salomon trail running shoes!


Buy Salomon Running Shoes and Clothing Online

Today the French company Salomon has something for all running events - they now even boast a special city trail collection. Thus they established themselves as one of the world's most important running shoe brands. To match their off-road shoes, Salomon now also has various running clothing collections for men and women. Whether you're looking for socks, tops, pants or specialised accessories such as trail running backpacks or hydration systems; both competitive runners and recreational runners will find their favourite Salomon product here in our collection. In all different categories the so-called S-Lab products mark the special collection of highly functional running gear. This collection has been developed in close cooperation with top athletes. The Salomon S-Lab products feature the most technically sophisticated functionality and ensure excellent performances.


Involved in Running

Salomon is always present at high-profile running events all across Europe: sometimes as a sponsor, other times as the outfitter of top athletes, and yet other times as the organiser of running events. For example, the Zugspitzlauf and the 4-Trails-Run are top events in which Salomon does their part. In addition to skiing, Salomon is also represented with a wide range of products for mountain sports enthusiasts. But the main focus with the "summer sports" is clearly running. Salomon products are exclusively designed for sports, however thanks to their chic designs and fashionable colours their products are also more and more used as ​​casual wear.