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The adidas Ultraboost 21: place the latest version of the shoe next to the original Ultraboost and the model is hardly recognisable. The original Ultraboost was a huge hit. The neutral running shoes were not just loved by many urban runners, but also became extremely popular as lifestyle sneakers. It took adidas a number of years to release the Ultraboost 19 (the follow-up model of the original Ultraboost). But since then, the highly popular model is back in the spotlight. Now, the model has a new look for the new year, the year 2021.

!The adidas Ultraboost 21 is available from 28 January

The original Ultraboost was an immediate hit, this was in part thanks to its simplicity. The model consisted of only a few elements, all of which were known from other models. The stylish appearance, the comfortable step-in and the ease with which the shoes were put on and taken off, made the adidas Ultraboost very popular with a big audience. But adidas wanted to change that course: although popular as a casual shoe the Ultraboost first and foremost was a running shoe. That ‘running’ look and feel has become more important, which is reflected in the design of the new adidas Ultraboost 21.

adidas Ultraboost 21 in detail

Discover the unique characteristics of these shoes

adidas Ultraboost 21
Upper made for 90% of recycled materials
6% more Boost cushioning material
Linear Energy Push system for increased stiffness and energy return

Feeling Good

As mentioned, adidas is using its extensive knowledge and data about running and employs this in the design and the construction of the Ultraboost. The new Ultraboost 21 has undergone a significant change. In addition to its looks, which reflect running more and more, the shoes also make you feel good in another way. Adidas is committed to preserving the environment through the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Good examples of this are the use of adidas Primeblue material and the use of Parley Ocean Plastic, both materials are a big step in the direction of a circular production process. The new adidas Ultraboost 21 features an upper that is made for 90% of recycled materials. As a runner, you know how good it can feel to go out for your runs in nature: the fresh air, the green forest and the view over a clear lake, or a green hill; they all add to the charm of running. To reduce the impact on the environment and to help promote the conservation of nature, adidas is increasingly committed to using recycled materials.

adidas Ultraboost 21 tying laces
adidas Ultraboost 21 runner

Less is More

The Ultraboost 21 builds further on the simplicity ideal of its predecessors. Instead of adding a lot of glitter and sparkle, adidas chose to focus on the seven parts that lie at the core of this shoe’s success; they chose for a ‘less is more’ approach. This is clearly reflected in how the shoe is built up.

The upper is made of one single piece of material and therefore has a seamless design. This means that you won’t experience any irritation from the stitching or frustration from a tongue that slips down into the shoe. The lacing system is simple, but functional. The heel counter is also made of one piece of material and keeps your heel in place during your runs.

If there’s something that does catch the eye, it’s the thickness of the midsole foam at the heel. The Ultraboost wouldn’t be the Ultraboost if it didn’t feature any Boost material. That thick layer of foam at the heel is completely made of this cushioning material and contains 6% more Boost than its predecessors. The Boost foam is known for its high energy return and high level of cushioning. Because the foam is resistant to wear, it also lasts for a long time. As an Ultraboost fan you may have to get used to the new outline, but this extra foam is there for a good reason.


The Ultraboost 21 has been developed with responsiveness in mind. By adding extra Boost cushioning material in the heel, you can also bring more energy to your transition and take-off phases. The newly added Linear-Energy-Push (LEP) system adds to this. This system increases stiffness in the mid- and forefoot. Where the Ultraboost 20 may have felt a little too ‘soft’ for many runners, the UB21 feels stiffer. This is beneficial when you increase the pace of your daily runs. Together with the Boost foam, the LEP system converts the impact during landing into energy that you take with you during your take-off. Did you find the UB20 too soft? Then the UB21 will be better for you. The idea behind the new design is to increase the energy return, giving you a more energetic running experience. That more energetic experience stimulates you to create more action in daily life.

adidas Ultraboost 21 White

“How easy do you want a hard thing to be?”

Does too much cushioning exist? That 6% of extra Boost material has a big impact on the outline of the Ultraboost. You may be wondering if you really need that extra cushioning. What we can say for sure is that that extra Boost will give you back the dose of energy that pushes you through. Do you think that it’s just too much Boost? Then you can always stick with the Ultraboost 20, which is still there for you.

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The Finishing Lines

The adidas Ultraboost 21 has undergone quite a change. Not just in the materials used in its construction, but also in its look and feel. It’s all about that energetic feeling. When focusing on the level of cushioning, the Ultraboost is comparable to the ASICS Gel Nimbus and the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi. But when it comes to energy return, the models differ immensely. The UB21 provides a far higher degree of energy return. Do you have a conscious lifestyle and do you consider your ecological footprint, or your consumption and waste pattern? Then the adidas UB21 fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

Curious? The new adidas Ultraboost 21 will be available in our webshop from the 28th of January. Until then, you can shop the predecessor, the Ultraboost 20, here. Do you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Technical Specifications
10 mm
Weight Men
approx. 340 grams (US 9)
Weight Women
Type of Runners
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-round Running Shoes
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