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Balance is the key!


Sonic 4 Balance

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The new training buddy for your daily runs

With the Salomon Sonic 4 Balance you'll experience the right combination of comfort, cushioning and reactivity. The shoes are light enough to propel you forward, but at the same time provide the support you need when running longer distances on the road. The Sonic 4 Balance is a reliable training partner for neutral runners.

Full Steam Ahead

The Salomon Sonic 4 Balance has a groove in the middle of its outsole. This groove has been so positioned that it supports your feet through heel-to-toe transition. Thanks to this, you’ll stay balanced without having to put in the extra effort. The softer mesh upper with reinforced panels ensures that the feet stay in place. The rubber outsole provides traction on the road.

Reduced Muscle Pain

The cushioning material in the Salomon Sonic 4 Balance aims to reduce muscle pain. The Optivibe foam absorbs as much shocks as possible, without surrendering the shoe’s responsiveness. As a result, the shoe cushions your landing and provides a powerful take off with every step you take. Like this you can endure longer runs whilst, thanks to the shoe’s responsiveness, you are also able to speed up your pace.

Traction on the Road

Salomon is famous for making trail running shoes and therefore has a lot of expertise in the field of sturdy soles that provide secure footing. As you are used to from Salomon, the Sonic 4 Balance also has a rubber outsole with Contragrip technology. This ensures that you have grip on roads in wet as well as dry conditions.

Salomon Sonic 4 Balance


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Salomon Sonic 4 Balance


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