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Light up

your run!

With the right equipment, you stay optimally visible and carefree when running after dark.

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Training in the dark hours of the morning or evening – it’s just part of the game for those who run their rounds in autumn and winter. Unfortunately, not all running routes are well lit and on top of that other road users do not always expect to meet us runners. Therefore, it’s wise to check in advance whether you really are visible. While one running light might ensure that the road in front is well lit, the other illuminator ensures that you are quickly recognised by drivers, cyclists or other joggers. When choosing your running lighting, make sure that you take into account a 360-degree visibility principle (visibility from the front, rear and sides). Allow us at 21RUN to shed some light on our running-lights collection: in our large range of running lights you will quickly find the item that’s best for you and your situation!





Lights for runners come in a wide variety of types and sizes. The running lighting in our 21RUN shop can be divided into two main categories: 1.) Lights that help you see better in the dark and 2.) Lights and accessories that help others see you.

For your own safety, it is particularly important that other road users can quickly and clearly distinguish you. Some practical items for this are for instance a reflective safety vest, a LED armband or a running vest with integrated lights or lamps. Of course it is also very important to be able to recognise obstacles in the dark and to avoid tripping over things such as roots of a tree or stones. To avoid this a headlamp can be a very big help.


This vest is easily worn on top of your running outfit. The elastic, comfortable straps can be adjusted to your preference. With this Gato safety vest you are visible all around. The vest has four white LEDs on the front and four red LEDs on the back.

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You can wear the LED light on your upper arm. The fit can be adjusted quickly and easily using the Velcro fastener. The light also withstands a spontaneous rain shower and boasts two different light modes.

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The High-Vix Chest Light was specially developed for runners. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, this light is more sustainable than lights that come with non-rechargeable batteries. The red and white light shows to other road users in which direction you are moving.

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The compact, lightweight design of this headlamp is very comfortable to wear. With this torch you’ll benefit from good visibility and other road users will be sure to notice you well in time. Thanks to the motion sensor, the light can be switched on and off with just one movement of the hand.

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To Recharge or to replace

The difference between these two vests isn’t noticed at first sight. To solve the riddle: one of the vests comes with a rechargeable battery, the other model has batteries (button cells). The rechargeable vest is correspondingly more sustainable and has the advantage that you don’t have to change batteries or buy new ones. A USB cable with which you can easily recharge is included with this product. Matching batteries are included with the battery-operated vest. Whichever model you choose, it’s important that you are clearly visible and stay safe on the road.

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