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Go on an adventure!

with the Polar Grit X Pro

Nature is your playground

With the Polar Grit X Pro you can confidently embark on any type of adventure. This premium outdoor sports watch, with its built-in compass, helps you find your way and takes you to places you have never been before. Thanks to the ultra-long battery life, and sapphire crystal lens you can go off grid and challenge the extremest of conditions.

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Polar Grit X Pro Titan

Polar Grit X Pro

Go wherever your heart takes you

Polar Grit X Pro is a pioneer when it comes to heart rate monitoring. Employing Polar’s Precision Prime technology, the watch tracks your heart rate very accurately from the wrist. What is more, by using various satellite positioning systems your watch will provide you with extremely accurate data on your location.

The Polar Grit X Pro is also available in a Titan edition. This special edition comes with two wristbands: one for sports and one for lifestyle. These Premium FKM bands are made of fluoroelastomer which makes them weatherproof and highly suitable for sports. Next to the extra wristbands, the Titan version boasts more advantages: it is made of ultra-strong aerospace titanium and is 15% lighter than the regular Polar Grit X Pro.

Elevation Profiles and Routes

The accurate GPS helps you stay on track. The elevation profiles function gives you insight into the ascends and descents on your route. Put this information together and you know where you have been, where you are and what challenges still lie ahead.

Find your way back

With the Track Back function you can easily get back to your starting location. Thanks to this you will never get lost and you can always find your way home again.


Know exactly for how long it will stay light with the Always-On Outdoor Dashboard. Here you can see your location’s sunlight times: when does it rise, when does it set and when are the Twilight Times.


After your exercise you can see which energy sources you have used up. Did you burn proteins, carbohydrates or fats? In addition, the Fuelwise assistant helps you stay hydrated.


The Nightly Recharge and Sleep Plus Stages functions allow you to monitor the quality of your sleep. Thanks to this you get insight into your sleep phases; when and how much light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep do you have each night.


The Grit X Pro meets military standards MIL-STD-810G and is water resistant down to 100 metres. The sapphire crystal lens also makes the watch resistant to scratches.

Polar Flow

Synchronise your watch with the Polar Flow tool. When you connect your Polar Grit X Pro to Polar Flow you get insight into all your statistics. It is even possible to schedule workouts, activities and sleep. With this tool you will be sure to get the most out of your Polar watch.