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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

The 1080 is one of New Balance’s most popular models. The model is ideal for daily training and long distance endurance runs.

Never Change a Winning Team

That’s exactly what they must have thought at New Balance. Because these 11th versions of the 1080 model only feature a handful of changes. These popular, neutral running shoes are designed around a data-to-design principle. This means that New Balance collects data from a group of runners, and then analysis and uses this data to design the new version of the 1080 model.

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A Tiny Change

The upper of the 1080v11 provides more ventilation and is a bit more stretchy than in previous editions. The 1080v11 has a large ā€œNā€ logo that provides structure to the foot-arch. The 1080v11 still has a full-bootie construction. This feature, together with the moulded heel counter ensures an optimal fit.

The outsole of the shoe has also been updated. Added underneath the toes is Endurance rubber. This wear-resistant material is placed there where the shoe experiences the most friction and impact when running. EVA-material with strategical grooves is fitted underneath the midfoot. This flexible material ensures grip and a good heel-to-toe transition. The Blown rubber found underneath the forefoot, provides a lot of grip.

Trusted Fresh Foam

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. This is also the case with the 1080v11. New Balance’s famous Fresh Foam X material is found in the midsole of this model. Fresh Foam X is a unique New Balance cushioner which provides softness without surrendering energy. The material is a compound of two elements: EVA material and a three dimensional structure.

New Balance employs wear-resistant EVA material when developing Fresh Foam X. By using a special technology they are able to make a unique composition of the EVA material components. The soles are pressed together by heat, creating a lighter, more resilient foam. In addition, New Balance uses special software to create various geometric shapes in the midsole. Some parts are denser in structure and other parts are more open, depending on the pressure and impact the sole has to absorb.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11


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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11


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