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Dynafit: designed by athletes, designed for athletes.

Dynafit offers you the tools that help you perform under the toughest trail conditions. Dynafit is your trail running expert for longer distances at high altitude.

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Dynafit is the snow leopard of running brands (hence their logo). Snow leopards move fast and stealthy through snow. They go where others can’t go. They don’t slip, they don’t sink into the snow and they always keep moving. The snow leopard is a very unique and rare animal. Dynafit doesn’t just identify with the snow leopard. The Austrian brand has been actively involved in the protection of these endangered species since 2007.

Dynafit comes from the Austrian Alps. Thanks to these roots the brand knows what it takes to stay warm and protected against extreme winter conditions.

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Trail Running Shoes

Dynafit has trail shoes for a variety of circumstances. Their collection consists of three models: the Alpine, the Feline and the Ultra. The Alpine is a trail shoe for different surfaces. The Feline is suitable for steep and rocky paths. And the Ultra is excellent for extra long distances thanks to its extra cushioning.

Various models

Dynafit specializes in trail shoes that are suitable for a variety of terrains and purposes. The brand knows to make a difference by using high-quality materials. Trail shoes from Dynafit come with a stretch lace cover that helps to keep dirt out off your trail shoe. In addition, many Dynafit shoes have a Heel Preloader. This is a diagonal reinforcement at the heel which improves your grip. When wearing Dynafit trail shoes, no challenge is too big!

Ultra 100

The Dynafit Ultra 100 is a trail shoe that provides excellent cushioning thanks to the special midsole. With this special midsole and the POMOCA outsole, ultra runners enjoy excellent cushioning and grip on all surfaces and in all conditions. The trail shoes boast a comfortable fit, even after hours of challenging trails.

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Feline SL

The Dynafit Feline SL is truly an all-purpose trail shoe. This trail shoe provides traction even on soft and muddy terrain. The Feline SL is particularly suitable for middle distances. The shoe is famed for it’s high responsiveness, and for offering ideal traction and balanced cushioning.

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The Dynafit Alpine is an all-round trail shoe for various distances and various undergrounds. Because the Alpine is light in weight, the shoe is perfectly suitable for fast training sessions. The rounded Alpine Rocker sole design and balanced cushioning provides a dynamic and responsive running experience.

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Ultra 50 GTX

Waterproof, a lot of cushioning and very comfortable; that’s the Dynafit Ultra 50 GTX in a nutshell. This trail shoe stays comfortable throughout, even after 40 kilometres or more. The GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Membrane on the upper is waterproof. Furthermore, the shoe gives a dynamic feel even on challenging trails.

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Trail Running and Sustainability Expert

Dynafit has a lot to offer when it comes to trail running: shoes and clothing which is specially designed for any type of trail, no matter the altitude, no matter the distance. With Dynafit’s wide range of clothing technologies you’re ready for any type of challenge. But Dynafit doesn’t stop at providing quality gear for trail running, another important pillar of the Austrian company is sustainability. The owner-managed family business takes responsibility for its natural surroundings, ensures that mountain sports are done sustainably and takes care of the people that make their products.

Dynafit’s high-quality products are produced with materials that don’t harm the environment. Next to that Dynafit makes sure that the conditions in the factories that produce their gear are humane. How do they do this? By working closely together with experienced partners such as bluesign technologies and the Fair Wear Foundation. The bluesign system offers a sustainable solution in textile production. They thereby ensure that the very start of the production process is sustainable. The Fair Wear Foundation aims to improve working conditions in the textile and clothing industry on a worldwide scale.

High-Quality Materials

Dynafit uses high-quality materials. A good example of this is the use of Drirelease fabrics. These fabrics contain both water-repellent fibers and water-absorbent fibers that help to keep you dry in bad weather conditions. But that’s not all! Check out some of Dynafit’s other technologies here:

The GORE-TEX technology ensures that the Dynafit trail shoes are waterproof and breathable. If the shoe has this technology, you can recognise this by the addition of “GTX” in the name.

To protect you from the wind, Dynafit uses GORE Windstopper material. This thin layer on the clothing keeps out the wind without surrendering the clothing’s breathability.

Dynafit often uses dryarn; an innovative microfiber that is more breathable than polyester, insulated better than wool and is lighter than any other fiber. Even in warm conditions, Dryarn ensures that moisture is effectively transported away from the skin.

PrimaLoft material is a microfiber insulation material that was specially developed for the US military in the 1980s. It keeps you comfortably warm in cold conditions.

“Trailrunning only works in the summer? Heck, no! Bad weather or the first snow is never an excuse to hang up my running shoes. You just need the right gear.”


– Maria Koller

DYNAFIT athlete and trail runner

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