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Carbonise your run

Running shoes with carbon have become an integral part of the running world. These super-fast shoes have helped many runners break their PBs or even set a world record. At 21RUN you will find a variety of carbon shoes and you can choose between the latest models on the market.

Running Shoes with Springs

Because they’re light and stiff, carbon plates are a real advantage. The philosophy behind the plate is that it returns a lot of energy. This pushes you into take-off and ensures a forward moving focus. However, the plate doesn’t do the hard work. In order to enjoy the most feedback out of a carbon shoe, it is important to be able to build up and maintain a certain amount of speed.

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They did it.

At the start of this year, adidas impressively demonstrated that its innovative shoes and technologies are among the fastest and best in the world. Athletes broke various records in the Adizero Adios Pro and, when it’s up to adidas, that was only the beginning. Their motto: “Fast is a constant evolution”.


Adizero Adios Pro 2

Faster than before

The Adios Pro is designed to run fast times on (half) marathons. The second model is even lighter than its predecessor. The midsole of the shoe consists of two layers of LightstrikePRO foam. Fitted in between these two layers there’s a carbon plate in the heel area and EnergyRods in the forefoot area. These EnergyRods are infused with carbon and support an energy-efficient rolling movement during transition.

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Adizero Prime X


The Prime X is a brand new high performance running shoe. The model is designed for long distances and is comparable with the Adios Pro. No limits, no doubts, just pure creative, scientific and technological flair, combined in one product. The three-layers of LightstrikePRO foam together with the EnergyRods, blades and grippy outsole ensure a combination of comfort, confidence and stability.

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Adizero Boston 10


The Boston 10 is suitable for fast trainings and races. Building on the adizero heritage and design evolution, adizero Boston 10 offers runners cutting-edge technologies, featuring the LightstrikePRO combined with a durable Lightstrike EVA midsole foam, Energyrods and Continental Rubber Outsole to support every day long distance training runs with a durable lightweight ride.

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The Nike Vaporfly is the shoe that started the carbon hype. While this wasn’t the very first running shoe with a carbon plate, it was the start of a revolution in the running world. The legendary models from Nike are still popular with many runners. But which model is best for you?

ZoomX Alphafly NEXT%

This innovative competition running shoe is particularly suitable for middle or forefoot runners as well as for fast runs over long distances. A full-length carbon plate, together with the ZoomX foam and the Zoom Air pods, ensures a powerful experience with every stride.

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ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2

Even if the Vaporfly NEXT% cannot match the speed of the Alphafly, it is without a doubt one of the fastest competition running shoes in the world. The Vaporfly Next% is the successor to the Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit and was developed to break speed records on the marathon.

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The Competition isn’t sleeping

Also the running brand ASICS is looking for an innovative way to enable runners to get the most out of their fast training sessions and competitions. The MetaRacer was the first model with a carbon plate for marathon distances. The plate is located between the FLYTEFOAM midsole and the outsole and interacts with the GUIDESOLE technology.


As the name suggests, the MetaRacer is designed for race day. Use the ASICS Metarun or Metaride for your fast workouts and shine all through your race with the MetaRacer. The FLYTEFOAM midsole returns a lot of energy and provides effective cushioning which helps distribute pressure over the feet. The MetaRacer deliberately offers less cushioning than most other competition shoes. Because the midsole isn’t as high, you’ll enjoy much more contact with the underground.

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The limitless speed machine

HOKA was the first brand to react quickly to Nike’s carbon revolution by introducing the Carbon X. A model that sticks to the same principles as the Nike Vaporfly, but which is much more durable. In the meantime, HOKA has added several other carbon models to the collection. We introduce the latest two additions to the collection to you:

Carbon X2

The HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X2 is a neutral competition running shoe which boasts new foam technologies, flexible upper material and a carbon plate in the midsole. These features work together as a team and ensure a more comfortable and a more harmonious run. With the HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X2 you’re ready to devour a lot of kilometers at a rapid pace.

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Rocket X

Speed, responsiveness, but also stability. These properties distinguish the HOKA ONE ONE Rocket X from other carbon racers. With this new model you can easily and quickly complete 10 kilometers or maybe even break your PB on the half marathon.

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What a Team!

Phew, we’ve introduced you to a ton of carbon running shoes that are currently available. At 21RUN you’ll also find carbon running shoes from other premium brands, such as New Balance, Saucony and On.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2

A carbon plate is nothing without the right foam around it. Therefore, Saucony has developed PWRRUN-PB foam. This foam gives more cushioning so that you can enjoy a comfortable feel throughout your runs. The PWRRUN-PB foam is also around 40% lighter than the EVA material which is used in many other Saucony all-round running shoes.

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New Balance FuelCell RC Elite

The Elite v2 has some additional foam in its FuelCell midsole. This increases the height in the forefoot and heel area. The larger volume in the midsole allows the carbon plate to be as effective as possible. The Elite ensures an aggressive, fast feeling.

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On Cloudboom Echo

The On Cloudboom Echo for men is ideal for runs longer than 10 km, but is also a great partner for fast marathons. Since the speedboard in this shoe has been reinforced with carbon material, the energy return is even higher. You benefit from a forward-facing running feeling to which the curved sole also contributes.

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