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Nagare Collection

Uplift your mind and boost your energy level

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Let running change your world

In today’s world, women experience a lot of stress and sometimes can even struggle with anxiety. ASICS tries to help and support women during these troubled times. Running can really help you uplift your mind and improve your mood. Experience it, pass the word on to other women (such as your mother, sister, daughter and friend) and help make the world a nicer place.

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Let It Flow!

Nagare stands for the flow of energy; positive energy if it’s up to ASICS. The ASCIS Nagare collection allows women to move freely in a secure and supportive way. ASICS has developed a special app that helps measure the impact your run has had on your state of mind. What’s more? ASICS has also developed a podcast, which explains how you can use the ASICS tools, such as their app, to find a more positive mindset. And there’s more, when sharing a photo on Instagram with #Upliftingminds, ASICS donates money to the organisation for mental health charity Mind.

Tailored to your needs

The Nagare shoe collection is tailored to your needs. The collection pays special attention to the running style of women. Take for instance the reinforced plate in the midsole called the Trusstic technology. This plate has been adapted to the female foot and now wraps snugly around the feet. To help relieve tension from the calves, three millimetres of extra foam have been added to the heel. And last but not least, to help ensure a bit more comfort the midsole is also made a bit softer. These adaptations are found in the Nimbus 23 and the Kayano 27 of the Nagare collection. The Pulse 13 and the Novablast have also been made more comfortable to ensure a positive running experience.

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Free your mind

Running shouldn’t always be about winning medals or breaking speed and distance records. In the end a stable mental condition and a clear mind are far bigger achievements. With the ASICS’ Nagare collection you can experience excellent freedom of movement. Every item in this collection is specially designed to be as comfortable as possible. How? By for instance only using soft and stretchable materials. But that’s not all, the clothing also has a lot of reflective elements. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, brighten up your mind and inspire others by leaving a trail of light in your wake.

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