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Explore the brand-new ASICS GlideRide 2

Run further for longer

The ASICS GlideRide 2 is designed to let you run further for longer without having to use extra energy. How does the GlideRide achieve this? The stiff forefoot and rounded sole make you run more efficiently. As a neutral runner you’ll tick off the miles like never before and will think twice before calling it a day.

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Roll Forward with maximum cushioning

The GlideRide has a FLYTEFOAM midsole. This soft cushioning material returns energy and attenuates landing by dividing impact over the feet. The round shape of the sole reduces the impact on the muscles during landing and take-off. This round sole is called a GUIDESOLE and plays an important role in creating a smooth running experience. The centre of gravity of the GlideRide 2 is found at the heel, thereby making the model ideal for runners who land over their heels. The rounded sole also helps to push your feet forward, while the Guidance Trusstic System stimulates natural heel-to-toe transition.

Boundless energy,

Limitless possibilities

When compared to the first version of the GlideRide this second edition is a lot lighter. The upper of the GlideRide 2 is softer and made of Engineered Mesh. This material fits snugly around the feet without becoming too rigid. It also provides light support and stability, thereby creating a very comfortable fit.

Are you ready for your next endurance run?

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ASICS GlideRide 2