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Say hello to incredible energy return

adidas Ultraboost 21

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How does it feel to run with the Ultraboost 21?

Energy was just energy, then the Ultraboost 21 was released. The adidas Ultraboost 21 are neutral, all-round running shoes that are ideal for your daily runs.  And not just any run, a run with a lot of energy return. It feels like you’re winning bronze, silver and gold all at the same time.


The Primeknit+ upper is made of adidas Primeblue material. Primeblue consists for 90% of recycled materials and is part of adidas’ mission to reduce the impact their production process has on the environment. The High Performance upper is made of one seamless piece of material, thanks to which the shoes are very comfortable.

More Boost, more energy

The midsole features 6% more Boost material, and thereby ensures that you have an even more responsive feel than before. Added to the forefoot is the Linear Energy Push system. This new addition to the Ultraboost 21 increases the stiffness of the fore and midfoot, thanks to which extra energy is released with every step you take.

Excellent grip

The outsole is made of rubber from tyre giant Continental. Together with the StretchWeb technology, this makes the outsole very durable and grippy. By employing Primeblue material and Continental rubber, adidas reduces the impact on the environment. With these shoes don’t just stay comfortable during your runs, but you’ll also help protect nature.


Say hello to Ultraboost 21

The Ultraboost 21 is manufactured around seven main parts that give the shoe its success. Curious to see which technologies these are? The video below introduces them. Discover how elements, such as the Torsion System, are established.

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a life on high energy

The Ultraboost 21 has been developed with explosiveness in mind. By adding extra Boost cushioning material in the heel, you can also bring more energy with you through your transition and during your take-off. This is partly thanks to the newly added Linear Energy Push (LEP) system, which increases the stiffness in the mid and forefoot of the sole. Where the Ultraboost 20 may have felt a little too “soft” for many runners, the UB21 has a stiffer feel. The LEP system, together with the Boost foam, converts the energy of landing impact into energy that you can take with you during take-off. The big idea behind this new design is to increase the energy return, giving you a more energetic running experience. That energetic experience in turn stimulates you to create more action in daily life.

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adidas Ultraboost 21

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