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Run for the oceans

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Together we can end plastic waste

Every minute a truckload of plastic disappears into our oceans. If we don’t change our behaviour, our oceans will have more plastic than fish in them by 2050. The threat of plastic waste and micro-plastics in the oceans is one of humankind’s greatest challenges ever. Stepping up to meet this challenge is adidas. They’re taking action and you can help! What do you have to do? Just, run as many miles as possible. For every mile you run, adidas and Parley will clear up 10 plastic bottles from beaches and islands. Will you join us?

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How to join:

Sign up

Sign up by downloading the adidas Running app.

adidas Running app


Run as many miles as possible between May 28 and June 8 and record your distances in the adidas app.

Clean up together

For every mile you run, adidas and Parley will clear up 10 plastic bottles (or the equivalent weight in other pieces of plastic) from beaches and islands.

adidas and Parley

Run for the Oceans is a global movement that uses the power of sports to raise awareness for the ocean plastic crisis. To initiate action, adidas and Parley teamed up to launch Run For The Oceans back in 2017. They explained: “we want to end plastic waste by inspiring people around the world to help”. To date, more than three million people have joined Parley and adidas in their effort.

Run for the oceans

There are more ways to contribute

You can also make a sustainable choice when it comes to running clothing and shoes. Choose for instance for adidas’ Primeblue collection. All items in this collection are made with a high-performance yarn that’s constructed for 50% of Parley Ocean Plastic. This yarn is made by upcycling plastic waste that has been intercepted along coastlines before it could reach and pollute our oceans. Next to this, there’s also the Parley collection, which has also been constructed using polyester yarn made of recycled plastic.

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