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ASICS launches the Novablast running shoes. The Novablast is a completely new ASICS model which is packed with new technologies. The shoes also feature the one and only FlyteFoam Blast technology. This is an innovative springy midsole that returns a lot of energy; ASICS calls this ‘the trampoline effect’.

The ASICS Novablast is suitable for energetic runners who love a speedy and a bouncy feel. The Novablast is the first shoe which boasts the new FyteFoam Blast midsole. In the future this midsole will also be used in several other models. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Novablast, but also will explain what the FlyteFoam Blast midsole is all about.

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The model is light, fast and resilient. Our colleague who tested the shoes said: “I’ve tested the model in Berlin. As soon as I’d put on the shoes I felt that trampoline effect. The shoes have a soft and at the same time very reactive feel. You immediately feel run-ready and I wanted to go out right away. I’ve tested them for speed by sprinting as fast as possible, and all features came together. The lightness in weight allowed me to achieve optimal speed, while the resilient Blast material helped to propel me forward.”

Tip: “ASICS running shoes are always a bit smaller. That is why I chose a size larger than I usually wear and this size was good for me”

ASICS Novablast in detail

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ASICS Novablast Side Shot
AHAR+ Outsole
FlyteFoam Blast Midsole
Jacquard Mesh Upper

Combining Fun with Training

The upper of the Novablast is ultra-light and feels like it is not even there. It’s like a soft second skin. Nevertheless, structure is  added in several places. Structure in the upper is important to keep the foot in the right place when running. With too much space, your foot will slip and slide, which will eventually cause irritation underneath the feet. The upper is made of Jacquard Mesh material. A material that is very light, breathable and offers protection against rain and dirt.

In addition to the high quality of the upper, ASICS has also paid a lot of attention to the design. A combination of colours gives the shoes a trendy look. ASICS says that the trendy shoe is also perfect for that after-workout cup of coffee with your running buddies. Combining “fun and training” is the ASICS Novablast’s motto.

ASICS Novablast Zoom in Upper
ASICS Novablast female runner

The Flytefoam Blast Trampoline Effect

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about ASICS’ FlyteFoam Blast midsole. This midsole is used in the Novablast as well as the Dynablast shoes. The Blast foam is lighter in weight and returns more energy than regular midsole foams. Thanks to which the shoes are very responsive and, when running at a fast pace, provide you with that “trampoline effect”. The foam has been added over the entire length of the shoe and has 10 mm of extra support added to the heel. This 10 mm of foam can be seen as cushioning, but thanks to the high heel also ensures a forward focused stance. Especially at shorter distances such as a 10 km you will immediately notice the positive effects of the FlyteFoam Blast material.

AHAR+ Grip

The outsole is made of AHAR+ material. A type of rubber that ASICS has been using for a long time and which is famed for two characteristics: it lasts long and retains its grippiness there where traction is most needed. The outsole is wearproof which ensures that you can run many miles on the Novablast. It offers grip in strategic places. Regardless of your running style, with the AHAR+ you will always have grip during your runs. The AHAR+ technology has been used for years and is well known amongst ASICS runners. The shoes feature some reflective elements to help you stay safe after dark.

ASICS Novablast Outsole

Source of Inspiration

What strategy does ASICS use in developing new running shoes? A large brand like ASICS has its own research department, uses the experiences of thousands of runners and, of course, employs scientific research for innovation of their products. Where does the inspiration for the Novablast come from? The Novablast has been inspired by an insect. Yes, that’s right; an insect. The developers of ASICS draw inspiration from the movements made by insects; from left to right, short and long bends, turning round, agility and swiftness. These observations form the main idea behind the ASICS Novablast running shoes.

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With the introduction of their Novablast model, ASICS introduces new trendy running shoes to the market. The Novablast features a lot of new technologies and this immediately makes it a very special shoe. It is a neutral shoe that brings fun and performance together. Performance is found in the Novablast’s soft cushioning and responsiveness. It helps you speed up your running game. The upper provides structure where it is most needed and has a sleek design. The Novablast is designed for middle distances and the effect of the new FlyteFoam Blast is experienced best at high velocities. It is ASICS’ first shoe with FlyteFoam Blast material in its midsole. Several other new models, including the Dynablast, are expected to follow suit.

Curious? You can find the ASICS Novablast in our Webshop here. Still have some questions to ask first? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Technical Specifications
10 mm
approx. 260 grams - Men
Type of Runner
Neutral Runners
Type of Shoes
All-round Running Shoes
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